Star Banners

These beautiful Gold and Blue Star service flags are made of a extraordinary bridal grade satin and the bottom is trimmed in a beautiful gold fringe with matching gold tassels. Made 100% in the U.S.A., these service banners are the perfect addition to any military family's home. Let everyone know you support the troops.

The history of the Blue Star Banner dates back to World War I and an Army Captain named Robert. L Queissner. Captain Queissner designed this special service flag to represent his two sons who were serving on the front line during WW1. The Blue Star Banner fast became an unofficial way to show that your family had a child in the armed services. Over time the flag has evolved to simply represent any family member who is serving in the Armed Forces at a time of war or hostility. In 1918 President Wilson added, via a suggestion by the Women's Committee of the Council of National Defense, that if a family member was lost while serving that the blue star was to be covered with a gold star to represent the loss. The blue star would be symbolic of hope and the gold star would symbolize their sacrifice for freedom. During World War II the Blue Star Banner became very popular and could be seen in almost every window in which it was warranted. The Star Banner is traditionally hung in the viewable window of a home as to allow all who pass by to view it and know the family has a loved one at war. It is known that only immediate family members of the person serving in the United States Armed Forces are to display the flag. The list of acceptable relationships include: grandparents, wife, husband, mother, father, step parent, adopted parent, foster parent, child, stepchild, adopted child, brothers, sisters, and half brothers and sisters.

In 2001 on the painful day of 9/11, this banner became the official representation for a family to display to symbolize a serving member in the Armed Forces and was to be hung through the duration of a period of war or hostility. It is also a common practice to hang an American flag with this banner, but the American flag is required to be of equal or larger size and is required to hang above the service flag.

Gold Star Service Banner

Gold Star Service Banner

Gold Star Service Banner 8" x 14" Show your condolences and patriotic pride for a family member lost in service to their country with a...
Blue Star Service Banner

Blue Star Service Banner

Blue Star Service Banner 8" x 14" Show your pride for your country and the loved ones who serve. This beautiful Blue Star Service Flag is...
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