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We carry the brackets, mounts, harnesses, and even Neverfurl halliard system you need to fly your flag safety and correctly. You can count on the Outdoor Flag store to supply your flag hardware from our quality selection quickly and efficiently.

Flag Hardware Terminology

A. Canton - Blue field, white stars. Also known as Field or Jack.

B. Heading - Heavy fabric used to secure the flag to the halyard line, usually made of canvas, cotton or other durable synthetic fabric. Also referred to as the header.

C. Grommet - Brass ring or eyelet (normally in the heading) for mounting outdoor flags.

D. Truck - The device at the top of an outdoor pole which houses the pulley wheel.

E. Finial - A decorative topper for a flagpole. Commonly an eagle, spear or ball.

F. Snap Hooks - Hardware made of brass or molded nylon to attach the flag to the halyard rope.

G. Cleat - The device used to secure the bottom of the flagpole halyard.

H. Halyard - The rope used to raise and lower the flag on the pole. This can be external and tied to a cleat, or internal.

I. Flash Collar - The generally round cover at the base of the flagpole used to protect and hide the ground mount.

J - Foundation Tube - The cylindrical tube used to form the flagpole base or sleeve in the ground.

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