Flag Types & Definitions

 Pole Hem Flag Style  Pole Hem: A pole hem flag has a pole sleeve that you slide a the pole through to attach the flag to the pole. They are most often used on flag sets that attach to the house.
 Header & Grommet Flag Style  Header and Grommet: or grommeted flag has a canvas header with grommets, usually brass which attach the flag to the pole. These are most often used on vertical flag poles.
Garden Flags: Similar to a full size pole hem, these are smaller in size (12" x 18") with a hemmed sleeve to slide over your garden flag holder.
Car Flags: Car flags have a bracket design to be shut in to your car/truck window. Some auto flags have non-standard mounting systems for motorcycles, rvs, etc.
Stick Flags: Come in various sizes ranging from 3"x5" to big 24"x36". These flags will be no-fray or hemmed which refers to whether the edges are hemmed or finished by a machine to resist fraying. Some stick flags have spears on top, while some do not. All stick flags are mounted on a sturdy wooden dowel rod pole.
Parade Sets: These are the types of flags used in parades, offices and government buildings. They are pole hemmed flags with non standard tassels and fringes added for indoor display.
Classroom Flags: Come in a standard banner style (as shown) and a pole hemmed style for holder brackets mounted to point out from the wall. Generally banner style classroom flags will have additional gold fringe and styling for a most aesthetic appearance. These are indoor flags.


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