German D.A.P. Flag - 3 x 5 ft Polyester

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WW2 German National Sozialistische D.A.P Flag

WW2 German National Sozialistische D.A.P Flag standard sized 3x5 foot flag is a lightweight, knitted Polyester flag making it light and flyable. The innovative color sharp and vivid process flag printing allows on one side to bleed through to the other side as well in a bright vivid representation. Our 3 x 5 ft Polyester WW2 German National Sozialistische D.A.P Flags have 2 brass grommets for easy attachment to a flag pole kit.

NSDAP "Old Comrades" Flag

This was the Flag of the Old Guard of the NSDAP. The original name for the Nazi Party was the German Workers Party (DAP), but in February of 1920, the party added "National Socialist" to its official name, becoming the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). In the center of this flag is the Golden Honor Badge of the NSDAP. In general, this flag honored the old-guard Nazis and most fanatical of Hitler loyalists.

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