Neverfurl Flag Halyard System




Neverfurl Halliards

Keep your flag flying free and safe. The Neverfurl Halliard eliminates the problem with your side mount flag wrapping around the pole. The Neverfurl kit is a snap to install and comes with everything you need including comprehensive instructions and detailed diagrams. No additional tools are required to install your new halliard. Easy and effective!

Suited for both grommeted or pole hem flags and banners in all standard 1 inch sized flagpoles!

This is a innovative and patented device that absolutely prevents flag furling and wrapping around the pole.... It works 100% and is MADE IN THE USA!

Never Furl Features

  • Simple and fast to install
  • Mounts quickly & easily on all standard 1" diameter side mount/municipal/home flagpoles
  • Use on side mount flagpoles made of any material and any length
  • Use also on Vertical, Outrigger or Horizontal poles of 1" diameter
  • Use on tapered or telescoping poles of 1" diameter also
  • Changes in wind speed and direction have no effect on the Never Furl System
  • Use with all size flags from finial to bracket
  • Use with grommet style or hemmed flags and banners
  • The Never Furl will not rust and is fully constructed using high grade plastics with UV blocking protection added
  • Strong metal rings are made of stainless steel for maximum durability
  • Fly at half mast if needed as the Never Furl can fly at any height



  • Model: Z30310117
  • 990 Units in Stock

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